PreBinary Global Software Solutions

In the area of information technology, PreBinary Global Software Solutions is reigns supreme.PreBinary Global Software Solutions has been in existence Since 2010 and continues to grow with massive force. It has introduced efficient and effective ways of determining IT solutions while adapting modern and latest technology from the incessant technology influx that continues to sweep World.

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StreamJAR - Live/On Demand Streaming Management System

StreamJar is a Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built by sales people for sales people. It's simple, it's affordable and it works...


MediaBox - Secure Cloud Based File Management System

MediaBox is a cloud based files hosting interface which provide an option to save files over cloud securely and access it on all the platforms...


AWSMonitor - Amazon Web Services Advance Monitoring System

AWSMonitor is an advance monitoring system which enhances the monitoring of the AWS cloud infrastructure in much better way with extra controls...